Keep Your Spirits High & Your Glasses Full

A Craft Distillery

Whether it’s opening up a bottle in celebration or after a hard day’s work, a Chapel Dome whiskey, gin, or bourbon is the perfect spirit for any occasion. Each of our products is carefully crafted at our craft distillery to match the boldness and pride that only Texas can provide. From the first taste, you’ll recognize the different, nuanced flavors our products bring to your liquor selection.

Our craft distillery products are 100% American made.

3 Wire Whiskey Light Smoked Whiskey, Bourbon, Pecan Flavored Whiskey

Light Smoked Whiskey

95 Proof

This 95-proof light and smoky whiskey makes the perfect pairing for a juicy Texas-sized steak. Add a glass of our light smoked whiskey from our craft distillery to top off your dinner to perfection.


110 Proof

A youthful bourbon from our craft distillery is the perfect starting point for future bourbon enthusiasts. The subtle sweetness from the corn paired with notes of vanilla makes this 110-proof bourbon fit for any occasion.

Pecan Flavored Whiskey

95 Proof

Sit down on your front porch with a cold glass of our pecan flavored whiskey and watch the sunset. This 95-proof whiskey from our craft distillery is set to be a favorite of true southern gentlemen with a refined pecan flavoring and a smooth finish.

Chapel Dome American Single Malt Whiskey and Smoked Whiskey, Rye Bourbon, 4 Grain Whiskey, Bilgers Gate Gin

American Single Malt Whiskey

100 Proof

Try something silky-smooth and oaky with our 100-proof American single malt whiskey. This spirit from our craft distillery is perfect for catching up with old friends or regaling your children with lessons learned the hard way.

American Single Malt Smoked Whiskey

95 Proof

Grab a glass and sit out by the fire with our 95-proof American single malt smoked whiskey. Every bottle is carefully crafted here in Texas at our craft distillery with premium ingredients that give a refined smoky flavor with a nice smooth finish.

Rye Bourbon

110 Proof

Add a bit of subtle sweetness to your special occasion with our craft distillery’s corn-heavy bourbon. Every bottle is perfectly balanced with a sweet and robust flavor that’ll leave you craving more of this American-crafted, 110-proof bourbon.

4 Grain Whiskey

110 Proof

Pour yourself a glass of our 4 grain whiskey to take the edge off after a long day of hard work. With hints of caramel and vanilla, everyone will enjoy this dignified yet daring 110-proof bourbon.

Bilgers Gate Gin

85 Proof

No social gathering is complete without a great cocktail, and our Bilger’s Gate Gin is sure to make even the simplest of recipes shine. In this all-American 85-proof Texas gin, our botanicals give it a robust and refreshing taste that will please everyone’s palate.

More About Our Craft Distillery

Chapel Dome Distillery is an authentic Texan-owned craft distillery that prides itself on creating delicious spirits and a one-of-a-kind craft distillery experience. We aim to not only create amazing whiskeys, bourbons, and gins, but to create memorable moments for our customers.

Looking for more information about Chapel Dome Distillery and our incredible spirits? Find out what we’re about or send us an email to get in touch.